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1st May 2013



So its been a year since I’ve even logged onto this blog… I kind of forgot about it D: I have a personal blog, and a cosplay blog that I run so this one kind of got pushed to the wayside? 

I just logged in to see what was up with it but looking at it I kinda miss it. I think I’ll start posting on here again :3 Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, I can’t believe there’s still this many people who’ve stuck around! 

I’ll be around now though guys :) I’ve missed the One Piece fandom. I’ve got some new ideas about Bonney I’ll be posting about. And, I’m going to be cosplaying another lovely OP lady in a few weeks, Nami! I’ll have 6 nakama with me too. 

Its good to be back? c:

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9th May 2012

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@_@ I thought he.was in the chapter. Though I did find it funny that Magellen and…whatever his name is I can’t remember…switched jobs after the jail brake.

Oh gosh if he was in the chapter I’d be freakin’ out. But yea I dunno why Magellan and Hannyabal switched jobs. I know he was upset about the break out but I didn’t expect him to resign haha 

9th May 2012

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protosaber363 replied to your post: Chapter 666
D: spoilers!!!!

*shifty eyes*

Uhh. You should know the laws of tumblr D: Never get on it until you’re 100% caught up on everything ever or you might get spoiled! D:

9th May 2012

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Chapter 666

Great chapter once again.

I was VERY happy to see Bon Clay is alive :D 

Now I’m really curious about Law’s crew, though. I initially thought they were hostage to Cesar Clown, but now it seems like they’re somewhere else and Law needs government research to help them somehow? Or maybe we just didn’t get to see the whole flashback, maybe his crew is off doing something important- who knows! 

Things are getting very complicated with so many characters in so many places with so many things happening! It makes me really excited for each new chapter, though! x3 

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3rd May 2012

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Shinbokucon Cosplays!

So, I went to Shinbokucon this past weekend with James. It was a really small, rather crowded con, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

We got there Friday evening as the con was opening up, and got into cosplay right away. I wanted to do something simple and easy, so I decided to wear my Sanji that I’ve recently completed. I have the blazer, but I like how the blue shirt creates a better balance of color.

I know that I’m not the best Sanji ever, but it was fun crossplaying. The wig got in my way a bit, though. And buying cigarettes was a little awkward. I didn’t know what I was looking for because I don’t smoke, so the woman behind the counter and I fumbled around trying to find the cheapest box. 

James went as Touma from Index, and I ended up walking around as Misaka for a while Friday night as well, even though my hair isn’t right and I don’t have a wig.

On Saturday, we did double Law. I ended up doing girl version because, like I said, it was a small con and I didn’t want to put in a terrible amount of effort. Its also why we didn’t do the tattoos or carry around the sword or Bepo through the con. We still had a ton of fun though! 

Next con is Colossalcon, where I’ll be going as Thriller Bark Nami, Shanks, and Jewelry Bonney from One Piece, and probably Sa-chan (Gintama), Piplup (Pokemon), and Haruhi Suzumiya! I’m super excited! 

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2nd May 2012

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I had to watch this movie without subtitles the first time I saw it. It was on TV when I was with my home visit family, so we watched it together. I actually understood the vast majority of the plot and what was going on. I was pretty happy with how much I understood.

I had to watch this movie without subtitles the first time I saw it. It was on TV when I was with my home visit family, so we watched it together. I actually understood the vast majority of the plot and what was going on. I was pretty happy with how much I understood.

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20th April 2012

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This is cute! Tsuru needs more screen time 

This is cute! Tsuru needs more screen time 

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19th April 2012

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Reblog if you’re going to Shinbokucon 2012


I’m going on Friday and Saturday, not sure about Sunday. I am going to probably be Dave on Friday, and then Denmark for the Hetalia Ask A Nation panel with my sister as Norway (which I’m assuming is on Saturday).

I’ll be there! Just Friday and Saturday, though. I’ll be Sanji from One Piece on Friday and Trafalgar Law from the same series on Saturday. 

I’m surprised to see any activity for it in the tags here, I’ve checked occasionally for the past couple of weeks and your post is the first one that’s shown up aside from the ones I’ve made!

This is my first year going so I’m pretty excited to check it out x3 

19th April 2012


Upcoming One Piece cosplay

I have a few minor tweaks on Law to finish and he’ll be all ready. I’m still uncertain as to which version of him I’ll be doing for my first time wearing the costume. I am nervous about my boyfriend painting his tattoos on me, though. I think he’ll end up doing a better job than I do for him so I dunno why I’m worried. 

Then for Sanji I bought the gold buttons for his blazer today so I just need to sew them on. I’d really like to do something about shortening the wig in the back (it reaches past my collar) but I don’t have texturizing scissors so I’ll just have to deal with it as is for this con. I might upload a few finished photos once I have the buttons on.

The con is in a week, so I’m getting pretty excited. It’ll be the first con my boyfriend and I attend together and just with the two of us. Every other con we either meet up with people or carpool with them. So that’ll be fun, too! 

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19th April 2012

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